Dumping AVR Fuse Settings In Bash

Tuto for dumping ?


I’m starting to get more into AVR programming, and reading / writing fuses is a pretty essential skill. The fuses can be easily read with avrdude, and the Engbedded Fuse Calculator does a wonderful job of interpreting the fuse bytes for you. But I got tired of typing out the avrdude command, then opening up firefox, going to the Engbedded site and copying and pasting the fuse bytes into the input fields every time I wanted to check fuse settings (granted, not that often, but still…).

So, naturally, I wrote a bash script: avr-fusedump. Just give it the name of your programmer and the AVR chip that you have connected, and it will run avrdude, print out the high, low, and extended fuse bytes, and open up the Engbedded Fuse Calculator site with the current fuse settings of your AVR chip. Example:

$ avr-fusedump -c usbtiny -p ATmega328P
lfuse 0xFF
hfuse 0xD9
efuse 0x07

And the following page was opened

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